Mr Dendo - Memories (Album)

Mr Dendo - Memories (Album)

May 12th, 2024 / By: simps0n

Italian music producer Davide Rodia or Mr Dendo just released new "best off" album entitled "Memories". Including 10 older tracks and 1 new "Yes We Can"
Released on his own Adamante label and available on all major digital platforms.

In case you're interested in more Mr Dendo he has also recently started releasing his unofficial remixes at Bandcamp, so definitely check that out as well:



  1. Il Trip del Vagabondo (A Night in 2008)
  2. Eden (Extended Mix)
  3. Adamante (Extended Mix)
  4. Nostalgia (Extended Mix)
  5. Dolce Trip
  6. The Trouble (Extended Mix)
  7. Merodia (Extended Mix)
  8. Yes We Can
  9. Adamante (Radio Edit)
  10. Somebody (Radio Edit)
  11. Memories (Radio Edit)