Mr. Dendo & Federico Romanzi - Disco Misto

Mr. Dendo & Federico Romanzi - Disco Misto

June 7th, 2019 / By: Wausti

The two italian guys Davide Rodia (Mr. Dendo) and Federico Romanzi used to produce music together under the project Spaghetti Trip, and many of their tracks were never officially released, but now they are back in the studio together and have decided to release a "first collection" of some of the tracks they did together - some are unpublished, some are new versions and some are already known songs. 

The release contains 12 tracks which has been "freshen up" and will be out under their own artist names, and as Mr. Dendo writes on his Facebook: "A new start for the duo, to make way for new surprises...



1. Venere 4:21

2. Disco misto 5:07

3. Tradimento 5:08

4. Febrology 4:21

5. Prepotanz 5:29

6. Pensiero 4:02

7. I Marinai Non Hanno Paura Delle Sirene 4:43

8. The Cage 4:14

9. Sentenza 5:24

10. Treno grigio 4:14

11. Panico 4:36

12. Oscurità 4:18