Mr Dendo - The Story Untold 2

Mr Dendo - The Story Untold 2

March 26th, 2019 / By: Wausti

Now the 2nd edition of Mr Dendo's "The Story Untold" is ready! The small treasures recovered from his broken hard drive after 9 years trapped inside, just laying in the dust, are finally free and out for everyone to enjoy!
Also this is more like a mini-album rather than an EP, but that doesn't bother us, not at all! It contains 12 tracks in total (so that means atleas 23 tracks was recovered, and perhaps more who knows... other than Dendo ofcause)

Mr Dendo has mentioned that it might come out physically on CD later on....

...and soon he is hopefully also ready with the EP he is making together with Federico Romanzi!


1. Eden (Amore Unplugged)

2.  Randomanza

3.  Nontimento

4.  Infinita

5.  Nuvole

6.  Intrigo

7.  Lentamente

8.  Pongos

9.  Barzelletta

10.  Ladyhawke

11.  Cuore Forte

12.  Andiamo