Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Treno Lento (ALBUM)

Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Treno Lento (ALBUM)

December 20th, 2018 / By: Wausti

YES! the slow train has finally arrived at it's destination! Laughing out loud - it can be a bit difficult to believe that it's really out, after the "Psico Dance"-incident (which has been over a year now), but if you look in the digital stores it's already available there!
Supposedly it should already had been out 4 days ago on December 16th, one day before Gigi's 51 year old birthday, but first published today.
In the past few days Gigi has uploaded two previews of tracks from the album "Clock on Rock" and "Buena Vida" and now the full album is available!
It contains 18 tracks including some known ones from their live shows, and mini-mix-videos on youtube.

In total not a bad year from mr. Dag when it comes to releases. It's great to see he finally started to release at least SOMETHING from his huge collection of unreleased tracks after years of no releases at all ...
Now we just wait for "Psico Dance" ...after this release it shows that they can release an album so there still seems to be a bit of hope left.


1. Clock on Rock

2. Buena Vida

3. Get Up

4. Stornello (Disco Mix)

5. Passo Dub

6. Sinfonia in Sol Minore

7. Royals

8. Cosa Rap

9. Canter

10. Sali Scendi

11. Moving (Mega Mix)

12. Locomotiva (Mega Mix)

13. Ghirlanda

14. Chiarezza

15. Movenza

16. Tempo Magico

17. Stornello (Vision 1)

18. Novella