Lento Violento - Fastolento

Lento Violento - Fastolento

August 1st, 2018 / By: Wausti

Il Capitano is back! In the middle of July, Gigi D'Agostino surprised everyone all by releasing a new album, the first in 10 years! Unfortunately it's not the long awaited "Psico Dance" album with Luca Noise, but an album under the alias Lento Violento, which he has been using for releasing single tracks on various digital platforms since the begining of this year.

This time he has collected 15 tracks into one album and called it "Fastolento" (meaning "Fast or Slow"), and eventhough it says "Fast" in the title, all the tracks are all slow lento style in the harder minimalistic end of the scale. In other words: classic Lento Violento.

The latest info we know about Psico Dance is that it is postponed at least until September...



1. Bossalonda (Interludio Mix) 2:25
2. Slalom (Sintesi Mix) 3:06
3. Lentuslower (Lake Shore Mix) 4:39
4. Continuiamo (Pensiero Mix) 4:27
5. Furiconda (Multa Paucis Mix) 3:46
6. Passomotus (Mantra Mix) 2:30
7. Uestenlent (Giocomossa Mix) 3:57
8. Underuonz (Mantra Mix) 4:27
9. Puedelentas (Interludio Mix) 1:40
10. Quiquonic (Mantra Mix) 3:04
11. Lentongion (Treno Lentro Mix) 4:04
12. Probabilmente (Pensiero Mix) 3:50
13. Festina Lente (Swinga Mix) 3:01
14. Osservo (Pensiero Mix) 4:24
15. Fastolento (One Hard Mix)


Label:Gigi D'Agostino Planet (Italy)
Release date:July 13th, 2018

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