DJ sTore - Psico Tendance

DJ sTore - Psico Tendance

November 28th, 2018 / By: Wausti

Once again within short time DJ sTore has a new album ready! This one is making great fun of the announced album by Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise called "Psico Dance" at least title wise, since sTore has named his album "Psico Tendance".

It contains 17 tracks including two remixes: Gigi L'Altro's latest single "I Colori Dei Sogni" and DJ Torny's "Voglia Di Te".


  1. In My Mind (Tanz Rmx)
  2. Hard To Say I'm Sorry
  3. Valzer Delle Candele (Slowstyle Rmx)
  4. Schizophrenia (Kill Rmx)
  5. Stand By Me (Slowstyle Rmx)
  6. The Spook Returns (Hallowix)
  7. Tweekay (PsyDance Rmx)
  8. Under Control (Dance Vision 2)
  9. Good Experience (Original Mix)
  10. Luce (Bolletta Dag Mix)
  11. The Power Of Love
  12. Love Between Us (Original Mix)
  13. Short Dick Man (Slowstyle Rmx)
  14. Her Voice (Slowstyle Rmx)
  15. In The Darkness (Slowstyle Rmx)
  16. Gigi L'Altro - I Colori Dei Sogni (Dj sTore Bonus Rmx)
  17. Dj Torny Ft. F. Colosimo - Voglia Di Te (Dj sTore Bonus Rmx)