DJ sTore - Dal Basso Verso l'Alto

DJ sTore - Dal Basso Verso l'Alto

January 7th, 2018 / By: W├╝rden

Italian DJ and producer DJ sTore is yet again back with a self-released album including 36 brand tracks and remixes. Salvatore is one of the most productive producers in the scene and usually delivers a couple of double (or triple albums even) a year. We are just starting on 2018 and already he has announced a new album.

If you don't already know his style, he is typically heavily influenced by Gigi D'Agostino and his style is a close resemblance, actually he is a frequent provider of Gigi re-productions, which is quite nice considering Gigi never releases anything. DJ sTore does have a lot more going on than just copying Gigi tracks, he puts his own distinctive fingerprint on everything and also does a lot of remixes of popular music.

Track list:

  1. A Colpi di Machete (Giungla Mix)
  2. Bare As She Dare (Vision 2017)
  3. Chacharpaya
  4. Dreaming
  5. Light Color
  6. Che Ne Sanno I 2000 (Revolution Mix 2017)
  7. Nuvole
  8. Gigi's Time (Dance Vision 2017)
  9. I Will Always Love You (Vision 2)
  10. Il Tempo (Extended Mix)
  11. Iperspace (Vision 2)
  12. Jumping
  13. Knocking On Heavens Door (Feat. Andrea Mandara)
  14. Kanye (Rmx Dance 2017)
  15. Katchi (Bootleg 2017)
  16. Lampada Osram (Slowstyle Classic)
  17. Ly o Lay Ale Loya (Slowstyle Rmx)
  18. Magic Passion (Inedito Dag)
  19. OK (Dance Rmx)
  20. Party Time
  21. Pioggia e Sole (Vision 2017)
  22. Radioactiva (Italodance 2017)
  23. Rockabye (Slowstyle Rmx 2017)
  24. Se... (Lento Violento Classic)
  25. Symphony 40 (Slowstyle Rmx)
  26. Bambina (Dance Rmx 2017)
  27. Sognando l'Amore (Vision 2017)
  28. Stavo Pensando a Te (Slowstyle Rmx)
  29. Trip Melody
  30. Angelo Blu (Vision 2017)
  31. Tempo
  32. Saltino (Paese In Festa Mix)
  33. One Of Us
  34. Trick Out
  35. Black Jack
  36. Hurricane (Vision 2)

The entire album will be released on his Facebook and Soundcloud pages on January 15th, so keep an eye out there.

Release date:January 15th, 2018

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