Interview with DJ MARTINEZ - 11th May 2007

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June, 2006
Interview with DJ MARTINEZ - 11th May 2007

Real name? Carmine Schifignano

Age? 25

When and why did you begin to produce music?
I started for passion about five years ago in the 2002 producing my first disc "To Be Alone" for a label compilation in which I worked " D.P.R - Disco Planet Rercords" my compilation was named "SHOCK MIX" first cd produced by D.P.R !

What music styles are you listening to other than what you produce?
I love music, so I love all the genres, especially I listen to DANCE MUSIC, then Electro Dance and derivated, but it depends on my state of mind, music is beautiful also for it, to make you excite, to make you relive some beautiful memories.. long live the music in general!

Who is/are you favorite artist(s)?
They would be a lot, first I always put "the master" GIGI D'AGOSTINO, and many others drawed the insipiraton from him.

What do you think is the future for Italo Dance music?
I don't think about it, I only believe and hope to get it, to give a helping hand and to prevent the ITALO DANCE from disappear from our minds, also because I think it's a genre through we can express our fantasies, emotions, with melody you can carry yourself in others dimensions. And it's the melody that the music miss today!

What do you like to do on your spare time?
I haven't so much spare time, besides that little that I get I always and exclusivement dedicate it to my productions, so I always stay in my office.

What are your plans for the future? style, project etc.
My style will continue to follow a kind of dance very soft, as my new single "I Wanna Be Free" sung by the beautiful Laia's voice, for the future I don't express, I only say that I will always do dance!

What news can you reveal for us about your future productions?
I'm in studio and i'm working for many others works, in some weeks time it will be released " Dj Martinez feat Small Town Boys - Forever In My Mind " always on BIT RECORD label, for the rest I don't say more, only that we are thinking about the new single "feat laia", seeing that the precedent is giving us so much satisfactions, especially in Spain, included in many important compilations that handle with names like TIME REC, M2O etc etc! Then it's also in realization the new single "MEDITERRANEAN DJs" of which I am one of the producers.

[ thanks to Dj Evil for translation Wink ]

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April, 2006

Nice interview, thanks. (Thanks also to Dj Evil for translation)