Lento / SlowStyle news spring 2020

Lento / SlowStyle news spring 2020

April 26th, 2020 / By: Würden

As usual we collect some of the smaller releases in one article so you don't miss them.

First release worth mentioning is a new one-track single from Mr Dendo in classic "Dendo"-SlowStyle called Eternum:

1. Mr Dendo - Eternum (Original Mix)


Another artist we usually mention in these articles is Austrian SlowStyle producer Roland Eigelsreiter who goes by the alias "Slowstylento", he recently put out two singles:

1. Slowstylento - Soul Fly Free



The other one is "Slow Bass Valley", check out the full version here:


Moving on, from the small Italian indie label a new single from Loopnotico is out called "Incazzatura"

1. Loopnotico - Incazzatura (Original Mix)



Okay okay this is not exactly SlowStyle, we know, but we still want to mention this recent release from Didi Parigi called You Are My Destiny now available for download, check it out here:


Finally, from our friends in South America, the Wild Brotherz Team has started releasing their music at Bandcamp and they have a new single out called "Tren al Sur Versus Ñawi"

1. Aya Beat - Tren al Sur Versus Ñawi (Remix Extended)

You can stream it for free at Bandcamp, but support the guys and buy the download if you like it.



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