Lento / SlowStyle news autumn 2019

Lento / SlowStyle news autumn 2019

December 23rd, 2019 / By: Würden

We don't always get to cover every single release in a news article, so we've collected a few of the recent SlowStyle releases into one article.

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Firstly, we have Nicola Volpe from Italy who has a new EP ready, DJ Nico Vlp - Lab 2 E.P. includes 3 tracks:


  1. Clap (Ext. Mix)
  2. Nature Instinct (Ext. Mix)
  3. Clap (Alternative Mix)



Next up, we have Austrian lento producer Roland Eigelsreiter who has done countless lento/slowstyle releases in the past under different artists aliases, we have covered a few of his releases before. His two latest singles are one-track releases:

Slowstylelento - Bim Bom Jim

Slowstylelento - Lento Guita



From Beverly Music Group we recently received two new singles from Slowstyle producer SlowAndFast:

SlowAndFast - Sognando

SlowAndFast - Ingranggi




David Ross and his UK label "Slow With Style" is not sitting still either, this autumn and winter they've released no less than 3 single from Pentaghast, all available for absolutely nothing free of charge at Bandcamp. The thee singles are:

Pentaghast - One Night In Paris

Pentaghast feat. DarkhorseKC - Trip To The Deep Roads

Pentaghast - Fenharel.wav



Here is absolutely one we didn't expect to see. It's been more than 5 years since we heard anything from Italian producer Rafeal Lenz but now he's releasing a re-mastered version of his 2011 single "I Love This Company", which, quite hilariously, is based on vocals by former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. It includes remixes from Deejay Stella and Kyomei:

Rafael Lenz - I Love This Company 2019

  1. I Love This Company (Original Mix)
  2. I Love This Company (Minidump Mix)
  3. I Love This Company (Cassaintegrazione Mix)
  4. I Love This Company (Deejay Stella Remix)
  5. Kyomei (Extended Mix)

Available from Bandcamp


Mr. Dendo also have news to show, he has released a two version track titled "Sherlock Holmes" which is available from iTunes etc.

(See cover of this article)




Lastly, also some interesting news from Carlo Oliva, especially known from the Movimentolento compilation series over a decade ago. He has winded a bit down release-wise, but still puts out a single once in a while. The latest one is Oliva Project - Harmony featuring two versions:

  1. Harmony (Violin Remix Extended)
  2. Harmony (Violin Remix Radio Edit)