ReMiX CONTEST! > Roby Rossini - We Can Change

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June, 2006
ReMiX CONTEST! > Roby Rossini - We Can Change

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Roby Rossini wrote:


Hello Producers and Remixers!

Listen here: roby-rossini-we-can-change

This is "We can change", perhaps one of my next singles for the winter season.
With our record company we decided to ask for your help and talent.
Listen carefully this "Demo Version", produced in a rough way for this contest and produce your own remix/version.
You can download all the remix pack here:

Use my Soundcloud Dropbox to upload your version or send it via link on my mail: [email protected]

Deadline is 10 November 2012.

Please use the melody of the main synth (in the .zip file you can find also the midi files to use for this purpose).

The winner/s could be chosen for my next single on Dance&Love label.
Thanks for your work