Kosmos Nautes - Back In Time (Remix Contest Edition)

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June, 2006
Kosmos Nautes - Back In Time (Remix Contest Edition)

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Kosmos Nautes - Back In Time (Remix Contest Edition)

Back in January, the first single "Back In Time" by the 2000 style italodance project, Kosmos Nautes were released. Shortly after there was announced a remix contest, and it ended out with more than 20 remixes!
Each remix were then uploaded to YouTube, where people could vote by giving it a "Like" and the 3 remixes with the most "Likes" would be included on the "Remix Contest Edition". Beside that, a jury of 3 producers has selected 3 remixes more to be included on the release, out from 3 categories: Idea, Musical Standards, Sound & Mixing.


1. Back In Time (DJ Cillo 90's Remix)

2. Back In Time (Italotraxx Remix)

3.  Back In Time (C@etano Remix)

4.  Back In Time (DJ Russo Remix)

5.  Back In Time (Guistylez Remix)

6.  Back In Time (Crazy Up! Remix)



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April, 2016

Oooooh, not really the best mixes chosen here after my taste and opinion, but i guess it works out, since i already have gotten a hold of the ones that i do like.
awesome track either way, but my personal favorite of all the mixes is probably the one by Claster DJ, that "power style mix" he made is absolutely insane, same with his mix of "Katerfrancers - Lei Che Lo Vuole" that has some punch in it as well. Laughing out loud