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May, 2008
Dance & Breakfast, Plug & Play...

Now we Need "Lost & Found" album / ep by Danijay.

Seriously, I want another Danijay release. And as the title reveals, it could be for example the unreleased tracks of m2o tribe -years.

I know that on his website one can already listen to "Just Another Day", "Stay With Me" and "Dream" which is great put there's still so many missing. 

At this point I'd take even a digital release in wav or 320kbps mp3.

The tracklist could include


  • Just Another Day
  • Stay With Me
  • vs. Christian Meyer - Dream
  • vs. alexandre - Dancefloor (this is also known as "Grax - Dancefloor [Danijay rmx] am I right?)
  • vs. Overland - Don't Let Me Down
  • Ride A Girl (Original Tribe Version in the style of Turn Around)
  • Catch Me (Original Tribe Version with Axel's voice)
  • Angel (Alternative mix played in m2o tribe somewhere around 2009)
  • Mentre Piangeva

There were also some nice remixes I can't quite specify if it was by Danijay or another artist.

  • I fiori D' lilla (In a more hard style, had a bit of a sound like "Ritmo D' efetto")
  • Luna Nera (This one had a great vocal part in the beginning with a beautiful piano melody in the backround. at one point Axel goes: "I am falling... falling in looo-ove...")

Well, those ones at least. Does anyone else have something to add? Laughing out loud

Feel free to laugh at my ideas, I just think Danijay is probably the greatest italo dance artist/Group I've ever listened to. He just makes the perfect compositions of melody/sound/vocals. Those three are in balance.


BTW: Haven't been around logged in for a while but I check this place regularly and it's great to see the site still going strong! Good work guys!




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June, 2006

I would really like to hear all those tracks you refer to, didn't know there were so many unreleased/special versions Tongue

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September, 2006

Thanks for the kind words FinDancer!

I agree he should release something, at least as digital download. There have been rumours going that he had something in the planning but Danijay never revealed anything officially. Danijay has been touring more recently so hopefully this attention could attract him to release - especially with that badass studio he also has Tongue


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