Mr Dendo - Adamante

Mr Dendo - Adamante

December 8th, 2016 / By: Wausti

Davide Rodia aka Mr Dendo is after singles and EPs now ready to throw out an entire album to the digital stores, this upcoming saturday!

His tracks has been released on Gigi D'Agostino albums, he is one of the guys behind Spaghetti Trip together with Federico Romanzi, and while working on his album he has been a part of the radio show Dance Room doing mixes and live shows.

Mr. Dendo himself says about the album: "..I'm very happy to announce that my first Album "Adamante" will be released this saturday!
This album for me is a "10 years story" about all my life. Is the closure of a beautiful chapter started in 2006 when my first song was played on "Il Cammino di Gigi D'Agostino" which gave me a lot of visibility.
The album contains a lot of special tracks for me, like Nostalgia, Adamante, Eden but for every song I have a strong associated memory. This album is what I am. It represents what I feel inside of me and I hope that at least one track could touch your heart.
Thank you for listening! Dendo..."


1. Il Trip Del Vagabondo (From Posillipo)

2. Nostalgia

3. When You Are Gone

4. Siquenz

5. The Lady and The Wolf

6. Sentimento (Autumn Mix)

7. Adamante

8. Eden (The First Vision)

9. Somebody (Jump Mix)

10. The Trouble (Another Cut)

11. Incantesimo (Magic Mix)

12. Troverai (Long Trip)

13. Memories

14. Stars

15. Goodbye




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September, 2006

Mr. Dendo just revealed a CD version of the album available for €9 (including shipping) contact him on Facebook to get it.

It includes an additional 3 tracks compared to the digital release Laughing out loud


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