Carbo Bass - Ten Years Of My Music [EP]

Carbo Bass - Ten Years Of My Music [EP]

January 18th, 2020 / By: Wausti

Andrea Carboni who goes under the artist name Carbo Bass has recently released a collection of songs, from the ten years he has been producing music. The tracks are in chronological order in the tracklist - from the first year to the last - and they have been remastared.


1. Sistemare (Discorso Mix)

2. Pigia (Original Mix)

3. Trasmissione (Original Mix)

4. Rappato Scazzato (Original Mix)

5. Bam Cherie (Original Mix)

6. Heart (Original Mix)

7. Rilassamento (Original Mix)

8. Dipende (Concetto Mix)

9. Mondo Bass (Original Mix)

10. Tempo Perso (Original Mix)