May 27th, 2012
The busy italian guy with many names and label owner, is back with a new single in own name! It is w...
May 20th, 2012
New italo dance release by Domy P feat. Sheby is on it's way from Planeta Mix Records, with a remix...
May 20th, 2012
The team behind Bamble B is back with a new single, including a remix by Dagma! 1. Touch Me (Origi...


June 28th, 2020
This year, like many others, many people had been looking forward to all the festivals the summer brings, but because of the Corona-virus all festivals has been cancelled and many has begun doing virtual events....David from Slow With Style then came...
April 10th, 2020
ATTENZIONE!In 2015 we released this track under the name "Samhain" but unfortunately that name is already used by another artist. For that reason we are going to re-release it under the name "Sawin" instead which is actually the way you pronounce "Sa...


June 2nd, 2011
Started by: Wausti
Your task is to create a italo dance tune. And here are the rules: •create a italo dance tune •...
May 31st, 2011
Started by: DeeJay Froggy
How is it possible that nobody here inserted the video of the most beautiful song of 2000?!?
May 30th, 2011
Started by: dano
Dedicated to Wuast <3
May 27th, 2011
Started by: DjRaffy
REMIX CONTEST "ITALOPRODUCERZ - ZEMRA IME (MY HEART)" Hello to everyone!At first we would like to...


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