November 21st, 2023
The very active Austrian producer Patrick Helperstorfer aka DJ Pmj is at it again with a new single...
November 11th, 2023
Two Hungarian DJs (from Budapest) blackjack & Buyakee decided to make a new collab together with...
November 11th, 2023
Patrick Helperstorfer aka DJ Pmj is yet again ready an italodance banger released on Italodance Reco...


March 12th, 2023
You started producing back in the 80s with your first release "Follow Me" from 85, tell us how you got into the business and how that single came to be.As a simple person who loves music, I started as a DJ, and the desire to make my creations heard l...
February 27th, 2023
When and why did you begin to produce music?Since I was a child I always liked to listen to music. Thanks to my family I had the possibility to discover at the age of five the piano, studying it for a while at school. After that I took lessons with c...


April 13th, 2023
Started by: drbitcoins
Hello thereI was listening to this song italo dance and I found it awesome.  Manu GZ - Vorrei...
February 21st, 2023
Started by: Lucky65
2023 starts off quite unexpectedly with a new single from them !Called "Movie Star", it entered the...
December 9th, 2022
Started by: gigidag77
Since around 2007 I've come across a few allegged promo discs shared on various p2p sites...
October 30th, 2022
Started by: GIOSTAR
Hi guys, here is my latest work released in june this year, the first song of a project that saw...


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Jordi Carreras
Prezioso feat. Marvin
Vanni G

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