He was born on June 11th, 1986 in Belgium. In 1998, he began to explore his musical talent and passion and took his first steps with music production software such as "Dance Machine" and "Magix Music Maker". However, these programs were limited to what his mind wanted to create, so he began to use a more advanced and complex software...FL Studio.

In 2005, he composed his first Italodance track but was never finished. He decided to go ahead and send a demo of this song to a very famous and important record label based in Austria which was ARC-Records. Only two days later, ARC-Records asked him to make a remix of "I Had a Dream" by Austrian deejay DJ The Bass, in the same style and rhythm of his first demo.

After that, it was only the beginning of his italodance career. His musical talent was recognized and heard all over the world for the first time after his remix was selected to appear on "Super Austria" a compilation labeled by Universal Music. After his first successful remix, ARC-Records asked TBM DJ to make a new remix of "Star" by Dancefire. This remix was played on almost every radio station in Europe and Asia and also featured on many italodance compilations world wide. TBM DJ had the privilege to make remixes for great italodance artists such as Fabrizio e Marco, Deep Spirit, Emixfair and many more.

In 2006, TBM DJ created two songs with Danijay titled "Oui C'est L'Amour" and "The Night Before". It was a complete success and both tracks were listed on the Top Ten dance charts of radio stations all over Italy and the rest of Europe.

In 2007, the unique style of TBM DJ reached Asia, where he had been chosen by Warner Music to make a remix of a song created by sensational Chinese pop-star "A-Mei" called "I Want to Be Happy".

In 2008, he remixed a song by D-jmc titled "Ragazza 2.8"which became the new hit of the year, appearing in compilations such as "Super Italia Vol.28". "Ragazza 2.8"stayed on the top ten charts for over 3 weeks.

As of today, the rhythms and sounds of TBM DJ have been released in over 28 different albums and compilations.

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