Prezioso feat. Marvin

Prezioso feat. Marvin

Giorgio Prezioso: 
Its a mania, a style, a prerogative: he cuts and paste vocal and musical parts to analyze, filter and twist'em, just how 
Giorgio Prezioso creates his own thang, and thats how daily deejay time strips were born for example (14:00/16:00 on Radio Deejay).
In 1998 he wins the Walky Cup COmpetition in Riccione, in 1990 classified second at the Italian DMC. 
In 1991 he landed at Radio Deejay and shortly his first productions saw light. Hi technique is most definately -out- of this world;  you can see his gift and technique just by looking at him. He proves himself to be a good producer as well: joining forces withhis own brother Andrea and singer Marvin in 1999 published "Tell me Why" reaching sales top 10 in Germany and gave birth to the Perzioso feat. Marvin project.
Shortly after "Tell me Why" they strike back with "Let me Stay" reaching big audiences and becoming  again a top-seller in Italy and abroad.
october 2000 saw the trio comeback with the "Emergency EP" on Time records, containing the single "Voices" and promoted by a videoclip shot at the Barcelona Universal Studios.
From the same EP they also  released the single "Rock the Discoteck" in Germany, topping at 26th of the sales charts and top ten in clubs.
The single scored a "N.1" in austria's annual dj chart - shortly after the single "Emergency" was released spotting a N.5 again
in austria's sales chart and top 20 in german clubs! The single was this time promoted by a funny all-italian videoclip featuring 
Albertino and Giuseppe from Radio Deejay. 
In June 2001 they publish "Lets talk about a Man", an instant summer hit together with a video parody of notorious italian 
movie "Non ci resta che piangere" - Topping at N.1 in italian charts this single quickly conquerred Germany as well, placing
in the top 30 sales charts. December 2001 saw the "Bonjour EP" released, including singles such as "Its Like", "I'm your deejay", 
"Time goes by" and "Somebody"; this last one picked as single for Germany.
In summer 2002 a new single, "We rule the Danza" scores a N.2 in Austria and Italy allowing the Bunch to perform at "To pof the Pops".
February 2003: "In mY mind" was published.

Andrea Prezioso:
I was born in Rome October 31th 1967, scorpio. My passion for music started back in the 70' mainly thanks to "Zio Umberto", former radio and club dj in Rome. 
Giorgio and I spent whole evenings try to steal his mixing techniques just by looking at him work, learning by his
deep musical knowledge, spacing from disco music to modern rock down to early electronica.
At age 11 i got caught by the disco lights and magic, and John 
Travolta's. The Saturday night fever was the first movie to actually recognize dj's main role in disco world,  entertaining with their talent. Amongst the first records i bought and carefully listened to Tavare's "Sky High" and Chic's "Good times".
At age 14, together with Giorgio (11 at the time) I first stepped into the top club at the time: The Much More, inRome. There we eventually found out what true musical sensations were all about with DJ Faber Cucchetti. 
Vinyl Passion keeps growing and so did my collection: Kraftwerk, Kool and the Gang, Hall e Oates, Howard Jones, E.L.O, Prelude's mixes, Profile and Sam.
While Giorgio was getting hypnotized by Harbie Hancock's "Rock IT!", first record to bring scratch art to the masses, I was popping in and out of record stores spending my weeks budget in a mere day.
DUring the highschool years i've been basically just djing for birthday parties and such until a friend of mine introduced me to Radio RAM102 where i start doing mixtapes. There i met Lorenzo (Jovanotti) that seemed to appreciate my work and proposed me to join him at Rome's "Veleno" booth.
We played early Hip-Hop (Run DMC, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys) early House Music (Marshall Jefferson, TOdd Terry, 
Adonis, Raze) and obviously pop music (Rick Astley, Curiosity killed the cat, Duran Duran).
Thanks to this experience i eventually learned how foundamental the dj role was in getting people entertained;
I never appreciated djs playing just for themselves, obsessioned trying to get everybody to listen to their sounds, somehow ignoring people's own desire. 
True Djing is about getting down to the listener's soul trying to traslate very different musical cultures and different sound layers in small steps, to avoid incomprension. 

My name is Alessandro Moschini. I was born in Rome, on a hot August the 2nd, in the 70's (Leo).
Rome is where i keep running back, everytime my work schedule allows me to. I got closer to music at age 12 while Duran DUran and the new wave were going strong, mainly attracted by the mixture of synth atmospheres in a typical britannic melodic fashion that always got me daydreaming. 
So much so take music so seriously it eventually became a lifestyle, my tomorrow.
After spending some time playing and singing with bands during the 80's I finally got "caught" by computer music.
Finally a way to create on my own music, avoiding timewasting band arguing and useless interferences, leaving more 
space for musical creativity.
While waiting for my high school diploma (very quietly) i started working in recording  studios and dance music did fascinate me... until 95' when i met Andrea Prezioso, looking for a musician at the time.
We become best friends and produce together several records, while extending each others mixing and listening skills.
Meanwhile i also co-operated with Joe Smooth, House Music pioneer from Chicago, while he was living in Rome for a few months.
Finally in 1998 a page turn. Andrea and I started working with Giorgio. The bunch was now finally complete.
In 1999 we composed "Tell me Why" - that was the start of a dream come true... living the music.
I LIKE: Music, Italian movies (Ciao Albertone), Happyness, Honesty, my Dog Irvin even if he bites me and evey animal, 
fashion, sex, pizza, sleeping, the sea, Z3, good books, radio. (dishwasher got its something as well), Rome, Nanni Moretti,
DONT LIKE: people calling me SANDRO, people buying pirated records cause original costs too much, they say, while wearing 
2000€ worth of clothes, hypocrisy, envies, soccer, politics, moving too much, cold weather, most TV related stuff, 
garlic, my neighbous when she vacuums at 8am... for space reasons that's enough!

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