The FLOORFILLA project was born in 1998 in the town of Reggio Emilia (Italy) and precisely inside the studio of DJ CERLA, a very well known dance producer author of massive hit singles as Rotterdam (1993) and Wonder (1995). DJ Cerla was working on a new sound which needed a rap lyric to be sampled. The legend tells that during a night in a club Dj Cerla remained astonished by the performance of MOMO B. a french MC, percussionist and dancer. He didnt wait too long and Cerla invited Momo in his studio and after a few sessions ANTHEM ..1 was born. 

ANTHEM ..1 quickly became a real floorfiller in the european club scene and immediately the guys got back into the studio to produce the follow-up; this time Dj Cerla also invited Momos friend from Germany Karin, a dancer and singer too. Karins voice combined to a strong riff gave birth to ANTHEM ..2 and Floorfilla started the year 2000 with the entry in the french sales chart, reaching position 7.

ANTHEM ..2 lay for a long time in the european dance charts and in some other countries it conquerred the sales top. 

In the meantime ANTHEM ..3 (once more with Momos rap) was released on the french market and directly enterred the sales Top 20 chart. At the same time all the 3 Anthems were among the first 75 positions of the top 100 french chart; a result out of every standard. 

After the release of ANTHEM ..4 which confirmed the success of the previous singles, in 2000 it was released the first Floorfilla album called United Beatz of Floorfilla which gained positive reactions from all over Europe and reached the top 20 of the French sales chart.

Waiting for the new ANTHEM chapter DJ Cerla and Momo without Karin released the double single with The Hypno, track taken from the album United Beatz Of Floorfilla and a brand new single titled Italodancer, the latter reminescent of the Italo style of the '80s. Its almost not necessary to say that the success immediately arrived. 

In 2001 the audience started to claim the ANTHEM number ..5 which came in may with the title Enter The Arena. The feedback was good almost everywhere and in a few weeks Enter The Arena conquerred the German and French charts. 

Floorfilla was definetely an established dance phenomenon. Due to a big demand in 2002 a Megamix including Anthem ..2/3/4/5 and The Hypno all mixed together was released in France and Germany, reaching once again the French sales Top Ten.

In the spring 2002 Flooriflla released a new single which was not ANTHEM ..6 but a completely new single called Le Délire. The success in France was big (Le Délire in its first week on the shops shelves enterred the Top 20 sales chart) and also in Italy it gained positive reactions especially from the radio. 

The end of the 2002 brought again lots of good music from Floorfilla: the single Technoromance in Germany, the new Sister Golden Hair in France and a vinyl picture disc of Technoromance/Sister Golden Hair in Italy. 

2003 brought the long awaited Anthem 6 (Cassez La Boîte) single well received by the whole techno world and not enough satisfied, Dj Cerla and Momo decided to publish the new Floorfilla album titled Le Voyage. 16 incredible tracks all thought to make people to have fun. From that moment its been a delirium travelling around the world from Singapore to Mexico City: Floorfilla live act is well known everywhere as a floor-breaking, mind-boggling show, 2 sweating hours with Dj Cerla spinning records and playing live samplers and Momo B mixing MCing, singing, dancing and "playing" with the club crowd, while giving away Floorfilla t-shirts and gadgets. 

After that Sex Is Danger got remixed and revisitated by producers such as Pulsedriver, summer 2004 was marked by Kosmiklove, nr.1 in the austrian chart and crazy anthem in the clubs! Out now in Germany "Re-Fill", the Floorfilla album Le Voyage plus 3 new exclusive tracks and the DVD where you can enjoy all the videos, the live performances and some backstage 'access all areas' shots!