DJ JPedroza

DJ JPedroza


DJ JPedroza known as Jonathas Pedroza, was born in Boa Vista, RR located in the North of Brazil, Oct. 2, 1988

His passion for electronic music began in 1998 when he first went to a nightclub. The songs played on the radio by DJ Maluco, DJ Adahilton, Raidi Ribelo transformed Jonathas Pedroza. From there his passion for electronic music never stopped.
At age 16 he started playing in clubs and birthday parties, and at the age of 18 he began working with advertising in the ​​visual audio area.

His passion for italo dance began in 2003 when he first heard the songs Promiseland - Time Is True and Brothers - Sexy Girl on the radio.

In 2006 he discovered Fruity Loops (FL Studio), where he could do a combination of italo dance with euro.

In 2012 DJ/Producer Sandro (Sunny Boy), invited Jonathas Pedroza to participate in the official release Sunny Boy - Sweet Star
On the October 15, 2012, DJ JPedroza released  his first official single named DJ JPedroza feat. Lyn - Noite Estrelada on A.C Reccords.

His style is influenced by productions of DJ Luchetta, Promiseland and DJ Ross.
Today DJ JPedroza currently works in various styles (Electro, Handes'Up, Italo Dance, Slow and Violent Reggeton)