DJ Doddo

DJ Doddo

The guy behind DJ Doddo is called Domenico Pepe. He was born in a small town in northern Italy called Lecco (LC), on November 2nd, 1987. He began studying music theory at a very young age. Later he began studying saxophone in a band called "G. Donizetti" and has participated as a musician during the Jubilee 2000 in St Peter's Square in Rome.
His passion for the Italian dance, and in particular italodance, was born from listening to Discoradio, a known italian radio, more precisely the programs made by Marco Ravelli. such as DDD, and Alternative Hit. At that moment he understood that electronic music is what gives him more emotion with artists such as Gigi D'agostino, Datura, Molella, Soundlovers, Neja, but also more "hard" as Mauro PicottoAquagen, Scooter, Floorfilla and many more ... So Dominic begins an extensive study of electronic music, and tries to understand how artists of the time produce their songs.
The era of the internet boom is very close, we are around 2005 and looking on the internet he discovers the concept of a sequencer, using for the first time the music software FL Studio, and it's love at first sight. Day and night he is studying the sequencer, 24 hours a day, it's like a drug for him.
After alot of time spent to knowing Fruity, he begins producing the first tracks with a basic techniques. He decides to upload these tracks on YouTube, and it is among the comments he gets to know one of the most important friends of his life in art Glaukor Mernand Shehu, who asks if he can remix Doddos song entitled "Fantastic" because he likes it. From that moment was born a collaboration that goes on still as strong as ever. Along with Glaukor, Domenico begins to experience new sounds and writing new lyrics, and it ends up with their song "Nostalgia".
Through the web and various chat units he meet several other producers of them is DJ Raffy and together they decided to form the group of ItaloProducerz which takes its name from their love for italodance. After doing a few tracks, such as: "Nostalgia", "Lamtumire" and "Happiness". Dominico decides to leave the group to devote himself to his personal project with the name of art DJ Doddo. In the time following he worked together with artists like Dance Rocker, DJ sTore, DJ Power and many more.

During all this Dominico realizes that the record world, wants to kill the italodance, and he decided to found a record label (along with Glaukor), with releases exclusively for this genre, the label Style Records
His main goal is to revive the genre Italo, by gradually modernizing sounds, experimenting, creating and engaging texts to attract different types of new public.

He is dedicated to other musical genres and has released tracks on many labels, such as: Italorumble, Planeta Mix, Inner, Saifam, urbanlife, Way2play, Karika, Hitloop and many others.

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