DJ Carpi

DJ Carpi

DJ Carpi is a project that began, on a best unspecified date, at the end of the last millennium. Two brothers, a home-studio and a single obsession.

Giuseppe Carpentieri, a decade older than his brother, is the group’s guru, the wiser and excellent, the one with a sensitive ear.

Lucio Carpentieri is the wonder child, the technological brain, the researcher.

In 2005 they got released on Paolo Mantero's label Armonica Records, with the single "The Garden" which became very popular among the italodance fans at that time.

In 2006 they released no less than three new singles. The first one was "Il Ruscello Della Non Ragione" this time on Mauro Vai's label Bit Records. Then came "The Power Of Pleasure" on Armonica Records, and the last but not least "La Figlia Della Natura" on Bit Records.

In 2007 they released their last italodance track called "One More Time" on Bit Records....