Carlo Oliva

Carlo Oliva

Carlo Oliva aka Safeway was born as a dj at the beginning of 80’s under different music influences such as Depeche Mode, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk and other representatives of electro pop music.

His career started with his devotion to the consolle, discographic productions, writing songs and also singing great successes as a singer.

Carlo Oliva’s first productions took place in 1985 following the succes of electro pop music, music style that always preferred and always played since his first live shows in clubs. Thanks to his famouse live shows in the clubs of Italy, his success arrive also abroad,for exemple in Spain. His star started to shine because of his lucky music productions, in particular dance music, such as Carolina Marquez ( “Sexo-sexo"); Azzetto vs Mendoza ("This Feeling”, in which Carlo Oliva is also the singer); Doctor Dee ("On a new day"), Safeway ("I’m in love" – "falling") where Carlo Oliva is also the frontman of the band.

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