Blue Venice

Blue Venice

Blue Venice were born on February the 2nd in 2004.

The project consists of three guys, with one united passion: the music

Simone was born in 1984, and is the musician. He studied composition, and electronic music at the Conservatory in Milan. 

Natalino was born in 1984, and he is the DJ, and tecnincal guy of the project. He studied informatic.

Jacopo was born in 1987, and is the singer. He studied at the Conservatory. 

In same year they released 2 singles on the italian label Deco Record based in Vidrone, Milan. The first one was "Me And You" and thanks to Roberto Turatti "Me And You" has been played on many italian radios such as Radio DeeJay, Discoradio, m2o, Studio+, Dr. Dance and on TV in a famous show of on Canale 5 called Veline.

They performed in many club, mainly Studio Zeta of Caravaggio, Le Rotonde Di Garlasco and SIB Rimini