Billy More

Billy More

In 1999, the italian DJ and producer Roberto Santini saw the performance of a sophisticated Drag Queen in a famous club in Milan, where he was resident DJ. He got an idea, and soon the life of Billy More changed...

Together with the two guys Alessandro Viale and Roberto Gallo Salsotto they produced the first single "Up & Down (Don't Fall In Love With Me)" which sold 25,000 copies in Italy! The single was also released in many other european countries, and in Canada. Hundreds of shows in italian discoteques followed, and several appearances on italian television shows, ending with the the video clip "Refined Laundry Girl" and a memorable performance at Festivalbar, with more than 30,000 people that defined "Up & Down" a hit of the summer. The track was top 10 in the most important european charts, and was included in an MC Mario compilation in Canada.

Billy went on to release numerous smash singles including "New Millenium Girl", "Come On & Do It", "Loneliness" and her final single in the spring of 2005, "Gimme Love".

He died in August 2005 of leukemia.

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