Alessio Debenedetti aka Al-Deejay, was born in Bordighera, Italy on 21 December 1986,

Ever since he was a child he had a strong interest in music, listening to love songs with his "mangiacassette" pressing the keys "play" and "rewind", having fun "playing" with the sounds.

When he got a older he decided to take piano lessons, and did it for about a year. In his early teenage years he got more interested in music and disco, so he got a computer and began to make remixes and mash up, with programs and equipment such as "Battle".

At the age of 17, his urge for more lead him to buy a DJ consol, and after a year of intensive training at his home, and on holidays with friends he started as Al-Deejay playing at various events in his area.

When he turns around 19 years old, he decides to go all-in as DJ and Producer, by changing his room into a music studio with professional equipment.

In November 2006 he participated in the course "Electronic Music Production" by the label Armonica Records (Italy), where he got the honor of knowing Paolo Mantero (the owner of Armonica Records), Marco Veneziano (XandeX DJ) and the singer Marcello Vitale. After this experience Al-Deejay got in contact with Fluida Records (Italy) where he got several productions and remixes released.

In 2010 he decided to follow the fashion and changed music style, and artist name to his real name "Alessio Debenedetti" .....

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