Interview with Toporkov Slow

Interview with Toporkov Slow

February 15th, 2023 / By: Serg Yashin

1) When and why did you start producing music?

At the age of six, my mother took me to a music school, but my real passion for music arose regardless of this. Interest in creating music manifested itself in adolescence, and for me this time fell on the very difficult 90s in Russia. But it was at that time that I heard many Italian musicians, which, most likely, determined my musical taste for many years, and I wrote my first track, on an hardware synthesizer, when I was 20 years old.

2) What styles of music do you listen to other than what you produce?

I like Uplifting Trance, Hands Up, but I try not to listen to other people's music so often, to be more precise, I try not to be inspired by other people's music.

3) Who is your favorite artist?

I can't choose just one. But I consider these producers to be very great musicians: Gigi D Agostino, Robert Miles, Mauro Picotto, ATB, A. Polyakov (PPK), Giuseppe Ottaviani, Cosmic Gate, Paul van Dyk.

4) What do you think is the future of Italo Dance music?

I believe that in order for the genre to have a future, it is not necessary to give it reasons to stop. The main thing is not to stop, and I like that many Italo Dance musicians bring new sounds to the bass structure, experiment with vocals, because evolution and progress are not the end of the basics, if you correctly preserve the canons of sound created by the "fathers", and at the same time bring each since something of its own, then, in my opinion, the genre will be listened to by more and more young people. But I admit that mixing genres is just as inevitable.

5) What do you like to do in your free time?

If I'm not busy writing my own tracks, or promoting on social networks, I try to go fishing or go to play football, but now, my son is growing up, and I have to be with him enough time.

6) What news can you tell us about your future productions?

Now I am simultaneously producing three projects, one of which is a trance track. Of course, for some reasons, I would not like to show all the surprises that I am preparing for the listeners: announcements must be done skillfully. In the near future, I (Toporkov Slow) may have releases in Russian and English. Lento LEXX, a musician from Novosibirsk Russia, is also preparing a new track, but Rico Boni has fallen out of the cage for an indefinite period, unfortunately. I wish that everything goes well for him. As the founder of the Danca Lenta Records label, I periodically invite musicians to collaborate, and I am open to collaborations as well. My terms are transparent and the same for everyone. Also, my main idea, living in sync with writing music, was the idea of spreading the main provisions of copyright law. By instilling a correct understanding and interpretation of the provisions, I equip the musician with the necessary knowledge, and most importantly, vision. A culture of respect for other people's creativity is needed everywhere. And if someone wants to "take someone else's" without permission, he must certainly be punished. I'm sure that someday, the DMCA will be fully ratified in every country.


Kirill Tormazov is born 11/11/1981

He is from St. Petersburg, Russia

Producer of Toporkov Slow

Owner & founder of the label Danca Lenta Records.


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