3 nights with Gigi D'Agostino in Torino

3 nights with Gigi D'Agostino in Torino

April 22nd, 2019 / By: Wausti

To see Gigi D’Agostino live you either have to go to Italy or be very very lucky that he comes to a place near you, and since a regular show is about 1,5-2 hours long it is a bit far to travel the distance “just for that”. Luckily he has a few dates of the year where he has a kind of “all-night-long”-event where he plays for about 10 hours in a row (many times Luca Noise joins him as support). These dates has been for Easter, Halloween and New Year’s Eve and usually on Discoteca Le Rotonde just south of Milano in a small town called Garlasco.
After we had been to Italy to see Gigi on Le Rotonde for both Halloween and New Year we wanted to go for Easter, but unluckily for us Le Rotonde announced it too late for us to plan, about one month from the event (ofcause the year before they announced it already in January!).
Then this year he has begun having shows two nights in a row on the same discotek - and then he announced that he would have a so called “Club Edition” where he would be playing three! nights in a row on the same discotek, this time in Torino. We thought about it, and since there hadn’t been any announcement yet about Pasqua (Easter) we thought why not, 3 nights in a row, and a new place to see… so off to Italy we went!

We booked everything, and as we got closer and closer to the date, we got more and more worried about if Gigi would cancel the event, as he had done on numerous occasions before ...but he didn’t! Wuhuu!

It was Henrik (Dj-Laeske) and Michael (Wausti) who went on the trip this time, and the night before take off, Henrik came to stay the night at Michael’s place so he didn’t have to get up super duper early since he lives a bit far from the airport and we had to be in airport around 7:10 am.
Thursday the 11th of April, we got up and drove to a metro-station near the airport to park the car (for free), and then take the metro two stations to the airport.
We were travelling from Copenhagen Airport and had to connect flights in Paris, where we waited one hour and then further on to Torino, Italy, where Gigi would play in the night at Discotek Vogue / Global Disco Club. We arrived in Torino, and decided to go take the train to the city, at this time Michael were beginning to feel a bit sick with headache and nausea (probably because of the air condition etc. on the plane). We waited about 10-15 min on the train and it took about 20-30 min to the city, to the final stop Stazione Dora, and then we asked a guy where to find the nearest metro, and he told where we had to take a bus. Then we drove for about 3 min further up the main street and arrived near Porta Susa, which were the nearest metro station. From there we went to Porta Nuova which were the closest station to our hotel Apart Hotel Torino about 5 min from the station, near a giant guarded Mosque which luckily for us didn’t call for prayer five times a day…
When we arrived at the hotel we agreed to relax a bit to get ready for the night, and Michael to get better but after 1,5 hour he didn’t feel any better, actually the opposite. So he went to sleep to try get better while Henrik went to the store for something to drink and eat. At one point Michael felt so bad that we talked about cancelling the first night of seeing Gigi, but luckily after some sleep and serious talking to the toilet, Michael felt better and we got something to eat and while we were eating, we had turned on the tv in the background and Michael thought the voice of the host of the quiz-show “L’Ereditá” called Flavio Insinna sounded similar to the voice of Raylway - Locomotive made by Marco Marzi and Marco Skarica, so ofcause I had to ask if it was him, but Skarica said it wasn’t him, but agreed he sounded similar… anyway, it was time to get ready to party!

The club were planned to open at 23:00, and it would take us about 10 min to walk from our hotel to the club, so we decided to go around 22:30 in case of queue, and when we arrived there were already about 10 people standing in line and the rain were pouring down. Henrik only wore a t-shirt so he didn’t have to pay for wardrobe (he got a bit wet). While waiting the queue got bigger and bigger, and suddenly across the street we see Marco Marzi and Marco Skarica which we had written with about 1 hour before, but didn’t know they were going to see Gigi! We knew they lived nearby in Cuneo which is also a part of the Piemonte region as Torino is, that was a bit surprising and comic.
As the clock turned close to 23:00 the doors opened, but only for the crew to get ready… we ended up getting in around 23:30 due to some technical problems with the ticket-scanner system, and when we got in, they couldn’t find Henrik’s name or mail on the list, first after looking for the 5th time or so they found it ...and Gigi were already playing as we entered.
When Marco Marzi and Marco Skarica entered Michael went to say hello, since he had known them for about 10 years making covers for them when they were at BIT Records, and Marzi even did jingles for our Italo Sound Radio! At first they had no clue of who Michael were, but guess they found out later on… It’s always cool to meet someone you hadn’t seen in real life, so ofcause we also got a photo taken with them! Laughing out loud
Before we came to the club we had seen on photos that it looked a bit small, and were worried if we were going to stand squeezed all together were very surprised about

Gigi were standing up in gap where he could look down on the dancefloor, and as usual he started out with the harder lento and slowly building up the tempo. He played many known ones, few never heard before (such as Happy Go Lucky which he just released) and one in style of AronChupa - I’m An Albatraoz with a voice-cut which Michael is convinced were made from the vocal of “Far From Any Road”.  He also played a lot of Psy-trance inspired tracks that night. During the night the guards handed out led-foam sticks to the crowd, a copy of the “Gigi D’Agostino light”. He played for about 2,5 hours and after he stopped, we went back to the hotel.

The next day was sightseeing-day! We got a map at the reception of our hotel and we took the metro to XVIII Dicembre and with guidance from Google Maps we went to various sights that we thought looked interesting on the map. It was cloudy and sometimes rainy when we went ZigZagging through the city until we reached the river, where Henrik had seen a look-out-spot on the map, located up the hill just across the river next to a catholic church. When we arrived the sky began to be clear and the sun came out, just perfect to get an overview above the city with the couple of Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of Torino. We could even see the towers of the mosques near our hotel.
After that we went back to relax, specially our feet after walking all day and to recharge for night number two in company with Il Maestro.

For this night our friend, Jack from Frankfurt in Germany were joining us. Again we went to the disco 30 min before opening time to get a good spot in the queue. When we arrived the discotek were much more prepared than the night before, and the ticket-scanner system worked this time so we even got in a few minutes before opening time! Also the amount of guards were tripled. Think we had to show our stamp to 5 or 6 guards between the entrance and the dancefloor.

When we entered Gigi were just getting ready to press play, and he had much of the same playlist as the night before, but with less psy-trance inspired tracks this time.
He played a few from his recent albums Lentonauta and Trenolento together 3-4 versions of L’Amour Toujours and some classics by Luca Noise like “Into The Bam” and “Crazy”, and on that insane Gigi stereo it’s like being in heaven! We had prepared by brining earplugs, after experiencing insane volumes at his previous events at Le Rotonde. Luckily we didn’t get to use them since we stood in a good distance from the speakers. It was the most crowded night of the three.
He ended around 3:00 am this night, and we went back to the hotel. We had arranged that Jack could crash in our apartment for a few hours before going to the airport, but he found out that he could only sleep for about 40 min, so he decided to go straight to the airport to take the plane back to Frankfurt and then he had to get on another trip with his wife to China on a 12 hours flight!

Then it was saturday and our last night with Gigi D’Ag, but also the day that we should meet with Bietto, who were joining to see Gigi. But first we had planned to go see the place of “BlissCo” the legendary label that had Eiffel65, Roberto Molinaro and various others, and on the same street should be “Dance And Love”, the label of Gabry Ponte. Before that we went to see a reconstruction of a medieval castle with a small town inside like seen in movies.
After that we went to get something to eat and found a new looking pasta restaurant where they had decorated the shelves with pasta and even the lamps were made out colander! When we had eaten, we went back to the hotel, to relax and get ready for the night.
We had arranged to meet with Bietto together with his sister Daniella and their friend Miriam at 21:30 outside the club, and then go for a drink before the show. Unfortunately there were many people on the streets, and cars everywhere which made it difficult for Bietto and co. to find a place to park the car. When they finally arrived we tried to find a bar nearby but didn’t find one, so we decided to get in line just to talk and take photos while waiting at the entrance of club. When we arrived there we already a group of people waiting in line. When we got inside Gigi were already playing, and we found a new spot, compared to the previous two nights and again he played many of the same tracks including a lot of Psy-trance inspired tracks, like Thursday.
He stopped playing around 2:30 and then we got out and said our goodbyes with Bietto and co. and then went back to the hotel.

Three days had past going to see Gigi every night... that is something we could get used to…. Laughing out loud (if he had a bit more variation in tracks that is)
Sunday was travelling day. We had to be out from the hotel 10:30 and catch our flight in the afternoon. We went to the station Porta Nuova and took the metro to Porta Susa where we got a bus to the airport, waited there for about two hours getting souvenirs and something to eat. Again we had to connect flights in Paris, but this time we had to wait 4 hours there, luckily the time went by faster than expected and we could get home…

1 big tracklist for all 3 nights (he played many of the same tracks)
not in correct order

Get Up
Stornello (Disco Mix)
What The Bam
Clock on Rock
Sali Scendi
No Words
Buena Vida
Essenza (Mondo Dag)
Keep Your Head Up
Noise Maker Theme (Rmx)
I Got To Stay Funky
Wake Me Up (Rmx)
El Condor Pasa
Seven Days And One Week (Yotto Mix)
Save The Rap
La Passion (Rmx)
Another Way (Rmx)
Mi Sta Sulla Cassa (Rmx)
Ly O Lay Ale Loya (Rmx)
The Riddle (Rmx)
Terza Media
Quello Che Fai
Stranger To Stability (Len Faki's Podium Rmx)
La Felicità
Raggi Uonz
The Only One (Rmx)
Modolu (Gigi D'Agostino Loop)
Insequimento (Rmx)
Enjoy This Trip (Rmx)
Musica Gagliarda (Rmx)
Knockin On Heavens Door (Rmx)
Sinfonia In Sol Minore
Slalom (Sintesi Mix)
Reality (Rmx)
Traffico (Rmx)
L'Amico È
Lo Sbaglio (Rmx)
Bittersweet Symphony (Rmx)
Però (Rmx)
Vivo Per Lei
Hymn Nana
Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Crazy (Rmx)
Stranger to Stability
L'Amour Toujours (New Intro)
Magic Feet (Rmx)
Hard To Say I'M Sorry (Rmx)
He's A Pirate (Rmx)
Better Of Alone (Rmx)
Bastard Ben (Rmx)
The Maranza
Cuba Libre (Rmx)
Siento (Forteechiaro Trip)
Siento (New Rmx)
More (Gigi Dag In Loop)
Silver Screen
In My Mind (Rmx)
L'Amour Toujours (New Outro)
Eminem - Square Dance (Rmx)
Go West
Happy Go Lucky (Così Mix)
Giallone (Rmx)
Gigis Time
Tanti Amici
Robert S - Acid Politics I
Subnerve - Grey Scale
I'm An Albatraoz
Words Of Love
Free Tibit (Vini Vici Remix)
Crazy (Luca Nose Live Version)
Eins Zwei Polizei (Rmx)
and many unknown unreleased tracks

The street of BlissCo and Dance And Love
A view down the street
BlissCo (Label of Eiffel65, Roberto Molinaro etc)
The BlissCo building
Dance And Love (Gabry Ponte's label)

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