TOB!AS - Lucid Dreaming

TOB!AS - Lucid Dreaming

March 31st, 2023 / By: simps0n

DJ and Producer TOB!AS released his new track "Lucid Dreaming" on the label Future House Cloud. The name of the label already speaks for itself, showing all the unusualness of this release as Italo. The fact is that TOB!AS works in the musical style of Future House, Slap House and so on. And suddenly such a strange combination of sounds in "Lucid Dreaming", which strongly resembles the GOOD OLD ITALO of the 2002 sample. For example, Echoes of Sound - "Need Somebody Who Needs Me (Extended V.O.C.O. Mix)", Albert One - "Music" or Markus - "My Musik".

In other words, TOB!AS somehow miraculously made an experiment that is almost 90% ITALO. So let's congratulate all of us on this event. We're pretty sure he didn't hit the genre intentionally, but that just makes it more interesting to check out Wink


  1. Lucid Dreaming


Label:Future House Cloud
Release date:March 17th, 2023

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