Slowstyle Essence vol. 1

Slowstyle Essence vol. 1

May 30th, 2012 / By: IDP

The SLOWSTYLE is a new concept of Dance with low BPM. This compilation includes all of the best sounds by this genre, with the participation of the producers of the italian community, ( that do this not for money, but for the passion...
They have done several compilations in the past, but this is the first official one, released by a label!

01. Valse des Ombres - Classique Gothique
02. Slow Strikers - Go Clubbing
03. Michele Dipalo feat. Hrde - La Danza delle Sirene (Lasciati Andare)
04. Vindes - Cataconda 3D
05. Dj Cillo - Essential
06. Dean & Fole - Salta
07. Michele Dipalo - Peaceful Journey
08. Giuseppe Sessini - Unpopiulento (Room 2)
09. Soundancerz - Get Down
10. DJ Fole - Notte In Cantiere (A Lavoro Mix)
11. Silvio Melody - Legame D'Ombra
12. Giuseppe Sessini - Ice Core
13. Cambiotono - Save The Game
14. Mr Lybra - Kurotensho
15. Noi Che - Return
16. Vindes - Slowtrance
17. Gfx909 - Ballata

It was presented for the first time as a mix by DJ Fole on Italo Sound Radio ( ...the mix is available for listening at

Label:A.C. Digital Records
Release date:June 18th, 2012

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