Sawin - The Legend of Jack O'Lantern

Sawin - The Legend of Jack O'Lantern

October 27th, 2020 / By: Wausti

In a few days it's the 31st October, known as the date of Halloween, and 5 years ago we released "The Legend of Jack O'Lantern" under the original gaelic name for Halloween > "Samhain", but for some weird reason that name was copyrighted... which did that it was removed from the shops. This year we re-release under the name "Sawin" which is the way you pronounce "Samhain", and it will be including 3 brand new remixes from the Remix Contest!

Do you know the story behind why we carve out pumpkins? If not, this song is going to tell you ... the legend of Jack O'Lantern!

In short terms the legend tells about a blacksmith named Jack who was always drunk, doing tricks on people, was lazy and spent most of his time laying underneath a big oak tree... One day the Devil comes to him, asking for his soul but Jack will not give it to him ....he tricks the Devil and when Jack finally dies neither the Devil or God will claim his soul, all he is given is a piece of coal which he put into a turnip to light his way into the darkness the turnip has turned into a pumpkin and so the legend goes that if you have a Jack O'Lantern standing outside your house it will protect from the evil spirits that comes into our world on Halloween night...

We recommend playing this track on repeat throughout Halloween night to keep the evil spirits away, as a perfect alternative for real Jack O'Lanterns!


1. Jack O'Lantern (Small Pumpkin Edit)

2. Jack O'Lantern (Big Pumpkin Mix)

3. Jack O'Lantern (Bietto Calderone Remix)

4. Jack O'Lantern (DJ Cillo Trick or Treat Edit)

5. Jack O'Lantern (DJ Cillo Trick or Treat Mix)

6. Jack O'Lantern (DiVij Remix)

7. Jack O'Lantern (Angel Sound ID Remix)

8. Jack O'Lantern (DJ Chaetho Remix)



Label:IDP Records (Denmark)
Release date:October 27th, 2020

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