Pancho DJ & Ramore Project - Me Ama

Pancho DJ & Ramore Project - Me Ama

July 18th, 2022 / By: Wausti

Brazilian Ramore Project by RAG DJ has borrowed the vocal melody of the track "This Is Love" released back in 2010 by Alex Teddy & Dance Rocker feat. Hoxygen, and made a new song out of it with completely new lyrics in portuguese and called it "Me Ama". He then sent it to various producers and it ended up with argentinian Pancho DJ doing the original version. Besides that it as various other versions including 6 remixes....
Normally Ramore Project releases his tracks for free, but this time it's out on the label ItaloDance Records.


1. Me Ama (Original Mix)
2. Me Ama (Angel Sound ID Remix)
3. Me Ama (A'SoN Remix)
4. Me Ama (C@etano Remix)
5. Me Ama (DancePosse Remix)
6. Me Ama (David H Remix)
7. Me Ama (R.A.G. DJ & GuiStylez Remix)



Label:ItaloDance Records (Germany)
Release date:July 15th, 2022

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