Miani - Tu Vivi Nell'Aria 2k13

Miani - Tu Vivi Nell'Aria 2k13

April 27th, 2013 / By: Wausti

The italian singer from the 80's is still very active and is now back again, but this time he let the two producers (Music Force and Dance Rocker) do most of the work.

They have each made a fresh new remix of "Tu Vivi Nell'Aria" and it's going out on Planeta Mix Records.  



1. Miani - Tu Vivi Nell'Aria 2K13 (Musicforce Remix Edit)

2. Miani - Tu Vivi Nell'Aria 2K13 (Musicforce Remix)

3. Miani - Tu Vivi Nell'Aria 2K13 (Dance Rocker Remix Edit) 

4. Miani - Tu Vivi Nell'Aria 2K13 (Dance Rocker Remix)

Label:Planeta Mix Records (Spain)
Release date:May 22nd, 2013

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June, 2006

Difficult to beat the Fillini vs, Selecta Concept Remix ...but always nice with a Dance Rocker remix - and I especially like the sounds in the intro - middle - and outro (thanks Stefano for telling Grin Wink ) haha