Laci Dj feat. Marco Guardiano - Come un cartone animato "Medusa" (Remix)

Laci Dj feat. Marco Guardiano - Come un cartone animato "Medusa" (Remix)

April 21st, 2023 / By: simps0n

DJ and Producer Ciro Lamagna aka Laci Dj released a collaboration with Marco Guardiano a remix called "Come un cartone animato "Medusa" (Remix)" on the label Master One Project.

IDP was lucky to get in touch with Laci DJ about him and his new single.
Marco comes from Naples in Italy. From an early age, he was transported by the rhythm that runs through his veins: in the early 90s he began to tinker with vinyls, on the timeless Technics 1200, of Dance music. In a few years he perfected his skills and inflamed the dance floors of his hometown, establishing himself more and more as a Deejay, until he became the resident in various clubs, thanks to his highly sought-after SETs. As a Deejay he focuses on productions and RMX.
Specialized in: Dance, Pop-Dance, 90s Dance, House, Tribal House, Deep House, Techno.
Constantly active with his studio and undisputed perfectionist, he collaborates with various labels to add, to commercial products: magnetic and pungent sounds; establishing itself, thus, in the panorama of clubbing.
Since 2020, together with his friend Carmine Petrone DJ, they have created a Label: the "Master one Project", creating a first charity project called "Involuzione" in collaboration with "80147 Project" and artists from different parts of Italy.
In the same year, in the midst of the pandemic together with 4 old friends with the same passion "LA MUSICA", he started a web radio "Radio 80147" covering the role of artistic director of the "INDEPENDENT Talents" column during which interviews and programs the radio passages of emerging artists, giving space to their music.
Among these talents, there was also Marco Guardiano: singer-songwriter of Venetian adoption but of Sicilian origin and author of the song "Come un cartoon - Medusa". Over the years, a good friendship has solidified between Lacidj and Marco, which led them to ask themselves: "Why don't we do the Medusa Remix?"
And, from that question, on April 15, 2023, the Dance version of "Come un cartone animato "Medusa" ("Like a cartoon "Medusa") was released.

The new track "Come un cartone animato "Medusa" (Remix)" done in the excellent Oldschool Italo Dance 90's style.


  1. Come un cartone animato "Medusa" (Remix)
  2. Come un cartone animato "Medusa" (Remix Radio Edit)
  3. Come un cartone animato "Medusa" (Remix Instrumental Radio)


Label:Master One Project
Release date:April 15th, 2023

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