Giostar - Unshakable

Giostar - Unshakable

February 5th, 2023 / By: GIOSTAR

The label Thundermotion Sound is out with a new italodance project "GIOSTAR" inspired by the old and magic italodance from the 90's and 2000's and looking also forward to the future of electronic dance music.

Giostar write about the release:

Enter inside the time machine and go back to over 20 years ago, where electronic music was made with heart, love and passion, where all the italo music (dance, house and trance) was shining bright like all the stars into the night sky.

This is just the first record release of the GIOSTAR project, and soon, in the next months, will be out the second EP... so stay tuned!

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Label:Thundermotion Sound
Release date:June 6th, 2022

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