Gigi D'Agostino Collection vol. 2

Gigi D'Agostino Collection vol. 2

December 11th, 2019 / By: Wausti

Mysterious Mr. Dag surprisingly just released the 2nd volume of his "Gigi D'Agostino Collection" after uploading a few of the tracks on youtube, saying they would be included on this album.
Unfortunately, we still miss some of the previous announced albums and EPs, BUT! it's better than nothing at all, and we can still hope for the others to come out at some point...

On this album there are 20 tracks and as we know from the previous releases it's good a mix of tracks known for years, from Gigi's radio shows, and his live shows. Also a few "new" versions of known Gigi tracks.


1. In My Mind (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Pervert Mix) 3:53

2. But Not Tonight (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Dance Mix) 3:18

3. Strange Connection (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Eldorado Mix) 5:14

4. Good Time (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Robot Playground Mix) 3:18

5. Another Way (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Solo Musica Mix) 1:59

6. Pioggia E Sole (Rebel Mix) 2:46

7. Guarda Insieme a Me (Solo Musica Mix) 2:17

8. In My Mind (Interludio Mosso) 1:53

9. Cara Musica 1:21

10. Cammino Contento (Malagrazia Mix) 3:52

11. Walking on the Sky (Torino Mix) 4:51

12. Madness 5:21

13. Dance and Win 4:31

14. Discovery 4:15

15. Pure Rose 5:08

16. Fantasy 3:27

17. Sun Is Rising 6:53

18. La Strada (Sentiero Dub Mix) 2:41

19. Let Yourself Go 4:40

20. Cambia La Tua Vita (Piano Trip) 5:18

Label:Gigi D'Agostino Planet (Italy)
Release date:December 3rd, 2019

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