DJ sTore - Passaggi Sonori 4 (Summer Edition)

DJ sTore - Passaggi Sonori 4 (Summer Edition)

June 9th, 2018 / By: Würden

The always super productive DJ sTore who's real name is Salvatore Gargiulo, is ready with his fourth album in his "Passaggi Sonori" album series.

As asual the album is a mix of original productions and remixes (although he always uses his own name as artist rather than the original author, quite Gigi-esque). Anyway, the style is the usual DJ sTore sound with heavy inspiration from Gigi D'Agostino productions.

The album includes 17 tracks in total:

  1. Dj sTore - Attention (Dance Rmx 2018)
  2. Dj sTore - Avanti Ragazzi di Budapest
  3. Dj sTore - Giuro che ti Amo (Dance Rmx 2018)
  4. Dj sTore - Hide and Seek (Dance Rmx)
  5. Dj sTore - Ich Will Dich Haben (Dance Rmx)
  6. Dj sTore - L'Amour Toujours (Remix 2018)
  7. Dj sTore - Machine Gun
  8. Dj sTore - Noise Hard
  9. Dj sTore - Old Slow (Loop Mix)
  10. Dj sTore - Ocean Whispers (Vision 3 Rmx)
  11. Dj sTore - Bambola (Slowdance Rmx)
  12. Dj sTore - Sorry (90's Style)
  13. Dj sTore - Tiko Tiko (Rmx 2018)
  14. Dj sTore - Vorrei fare una Canzone
  15. Dj sTore - Wanted
  16. Dj sTore & D.Bianco - Il Tempo delle Mele (Dance Rmx)
  17. Dj sTore - My life (Inedit Track Productions)

The album is self-released (because of copyright restrictions) but you can obtain it by sending DJ sTore €7 via PayPal and write him a message on Facebook, to get it fast.



Release date:May 30th, 2018

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