Dj sTore – Musikalenta

Dj sTore – Musikalenta

February 26th, 2014 / By: ADADoerner

A new full length slowstyle album is about to be released by Salvatore Gargiulo aka DJ sTore, one of the most active producers. This album contains 14 tracks and is sure to satisfy the lento fans out there.

It will be released under the Italo Rumble Digital label and be available on March 20th.

1) Axo Musikal (Potenza Esaurita Mix)
2) Bombila (Sensation Mix)
3) Disco Crazy
4) Discorso Ignorante
5) Friendly (Marcia Tetra Mix)
6) La Danza (Marciando Mix)
7) Manganello (Pestato Mix)
8) Mi manca tempo
9) Move (Molto Lento Mix)
10) Precoce (Arabian Mix)
11) Rainbow
12) Sad Song (Angel Heart Mix)
13) The Rain Blue
14) Wild Jungle (Loop Mix)


Label:Italo Rumble Digital
Release date:March 20th, 2014

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