DJ JPedroza feat. Luna & Digi Parigi - Notte Serena

DJ JPedroza feat. Luna & Digi Parigi - Notte Serena

October 24th, 2021 / By: Wausti

The time for the gates to the other world to open once again is near, and for spirits and creatures to go haunt... To calm them down (or get them in a good mood at least) DJ JPedroza has made a track together with his brazilian friends Luna and Didi Parigi for them to dance to! Since they may have different taste, there is also included 4 remixes...

It will be available in our IDP Shop on CD from the 31st of October, and pop up in the various digital stores in the following days.


1. Notte Serena (LuaNova Edit)

2. Notte Serena (Fuego Sagrado Remix)

3. Notte Serena (Danceposse Remix)

4. Notte Serena (DJ-V. Remix)

5. Notte Serena (DJ Piere EDM Italo Extended Remix)

6. Notte Serena (LuaNova Extended Mix)

We will play the megamix on ItaloSound on the night of 31st of October just before midnight to welcome the spirits.... but you can already listen to it here below: