Deejay Stella - Motivi EP Vol. 3

Deejay Stella - Motivi EP Vol. 3

June 20th, 2021 / By: W├╝rden

ItaloDancePortal is happy to announce Deejay Stella from Italy being back with a new volume of his Motivi series, the last two including 4 tracks each, vol. 3 also includes exactly 4 new tracks.

The Motivi EP series are small collections of tracks from Egidio Stella, the producer behind Deejay Stella. Rather than collecting them on albums he gradually releases his new productions when they are ready. Deejay Stella produces a smooth well-oiled SlowStyle sound and has his very own distinct signature in all his productions, this EP includes another 4 well-produced lento tracks.

Vol. 2 was released earlier this year and is available together with Vol. 1 also on IDP Records

  1. Cantaloop
  2. Perso Loop
  3. Eloquenza pt. 2 (feat. Mario Giudice)
  4. Mersoper

Motivi EP Vol. 3 will be out in all major digital outlets for streaming or download and also on a physical CD exclusively in the IDP Records webshop from June 22nd 2021

Label:IDP Records (Denmark)
Release date:June 22nd, 2021

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