Galles - i am back in IDP!

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November, 2020
Galles - i am back in IDP!

Hello, how is going? it's been a long that i didn't post!

I had to change account because a lot of problems made me this choice!

I published in like 1 year a bunch of songs that now i want to share em here too!


1 - Galles in Lab Series - Super Mario Bros 2

2 - Orizzonti Sonori - Tarako (Fromed by Me, Dj Dado "not the famous one", Daniele Spezio aka Assustassu

that is supposed to be a song extracted from Galles Land 2 that i'll announce here in a separated post and in other sites (Instagram, Facebook page, Youtube Channel)

3 - Gigi D'Agostino - Cara Musica (Galles Bootleg)

My mostly knewn remix i did for gigi on youtube, a bunch of likes and views and support! Smile

My underconstruction preview Laughing out loud with some little remixes and experiments

4 - Fatboy Slim - Champion Sound (Galles & Spezio Trip) [From Galles Land 2]

5 - Galles - Dirty Dancing (gallesinstrumentalpsicoremix)

That's all that i have now! Galles Land 2 will be announced soon! Goodbye!