Luna Felix - A Journey

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June, 2006
Luna Felix - A Journey

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Luna Felix - A Journey

Luna Felix from Denmark is ready to release his very first album after doing countless remixes through many years under his psedonyms Disc Jockeyz (with Michael Boe on vocals), Bryan Cohren, Brian Sanders, Daxtar and of course as Luna Felix.

Brian Troelsen is the real name behind Luna Felix and he has been warming up to an album through a couple years e.g. by continously producing SHP Anthems every year the last couple of years (sometimes with personal friend Domasi) and often times these would include bonus tracks as well. A few of the tracks on the album are well known but of course it also includes many brand new productions.

On the upcoming release of his album, Brian adds the following:

"Creating the album has been quite a journey, hence the title of the album. The songs illustrate how far the project has come, both regarding sound design and the actual style, and how much I personally have change during the years. A lot of things happened in my personally life when I was making this album, both positively and negatively, and I think one can hear how both dark and happy vibes are included based on such experience; you never know what life gives you, but it is indeed a journey."

Titled "A Journey" the albums contains 16 tracks of which 9 are never released before. The album will be available from August 28th for streaming or download in your favourite channel and also exclusively on CD in a premium Super Jewel Box from the IDP Records webshop.


1.  Preface

2.  Il Lento E Sciolto

3.  Si, Nuovo Basso

4.  Gossip (I Know This One)

5.  SHP [SHP Anthem 2015]

6.  Here You Go (feat. Wausti)

7.  SHP's Super Waust (Jägerbomb Concept)

8.  Make It Back Home [SHP Afterparty 2017]

9.  Un'avventura

10.  SHP (VIP Concept)

11.  Everyone Liked That

12.  Far From Home (feat. Domasi) [SHP Anthem 2018]

13.  Live Show (feat. Disc Jockeyz)

14.  Last One Standing

15.  Where I Want To Be (feat. McW) [SHP Anthem 2019]

16.  Esrum



Dj Aquacrash
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August, 2006

Nice way to celebrate 30 releases. Laughing out loud

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August, 2007

Listening the album now, probably one of the best in years in terms of creativity and sound-design. It sounds super clean & fresh while still keeping the vibes we love. Great work Brian, i'm obviously getting the CD !!!