Gigi L'Altro - Il Suono Del Fabbro

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June, 2006
Gigi L'Altro - Il Suono Del Fabbro

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Gigi L'Altro - Il Suono Del Fabbro

It came as a big surprise to many when this news was announced on the official facebook page of Gigi L'Altro. Normally he just play Gigi D'Agostino and DJ sTore tracks ...or other in similar style, but to come out with a release himself, even a complete album, wow!

We have been waiting for the REAL Gigi to release his album with Luca Noise, which was announced just before the beginning of this year ...and still nothing, and then comes this album from "the other" Gigi totally out of nowhere.

Gigi L'Altro aka Erre Digei (meaning Gigi the other) was originally (and still is) made as a tribute to Gigi D'Agostino, playing his music and also the wardrobe is true to the Gigi D'Agostino style that he has even been mistaken as the real Gigi D'Agostino on various occations.

The album consists of 14 tracks, inedits and cover versions, and with various guest artists such as: DJ sTore, Alien Cut, Marco Marzi & Marco Skarica and the legendary voice Roberto Francesconi known from Gabry Ponte - Geordie (London Bridge Remix) and Danijay - I Fiori Di Lilla (Remix).

It's available for pre-order (iTunes) and preview (Spotify) from today, 1st of June 2018 - Officially out on the 8th of June 2018.


01) Gigi L'Altro - Contessa (Radio Edit)
02) Gigi L'Altro, Marco Skarica, Marco Marzi - Carnaval De Paris (Bevo Bevo)
03) Gigi L'Altro - Mamma Posso (L'Altro Concept)
04) Gigi L'Altro & Dj sTore - Tu
05) Gigi L'Altro vs Alien Cut - Tromba vs Duro (Radio Edit)
06) Gigi L'Altro - I Colori Dei Sogni
07) Gigi L'Altro - Festa Di Paese
08) Gigi L'Altro - Primavera A Sarajevo (Radio Edit)
09) Gigi L'Altro - Il Fabbro
10) Gigi L'Altro feat Roberto Francesconi - The Last Of The Mohicans
11) Gigi L'Altro - Popoff
12) Gigi L'Altro & Dj sTore - Underwood
13) Gigi L'Altro & Alex Tanz - Casatchock (Bordello)
14) Gigi L'Altro, Marco Skarica, Marco Marzi - Carnaval De Paris


Dj Aquacrash
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August, 2006

Available from 13 July on CD distributed by Self : Laughing out loud

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September, 2006

Shipping is insane at Self though, €19.

Fortunately Amazon also has it with €5 shipping: Smile



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