DJ Store is awesome! GIGI style

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August, 2009
DJ Store is awesome! GIGI style


Search function on this site is really the highest level of crap I've ever experienced so it is hard to find any topics about this, but I recently got attracted by new songs of DJ Store. This Gigi style song is really AMAZING.





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September, 2006

Hey Delta! DJ sTore is fantastic! and he's released hundreds of original songs, remakes and remixes - so if you've only just discovered him you have some catching up to do Laughing out loud

After demodrop closed down I'm actually not too sure where he's most active these days maybe soundcloud, youtube or facebook, but you'll find tracks made by him in pretty much every channel you can think of. He's been producing this style of music for more than 15 years.

The album from the youtube video, can be bought on Soundcloud - there's a buy-button and it costs 15€:

Oh and sorry for the search function, I know it's crap, I just don't have that much time to fix up IDP anymore, but I keep the site running Smile

There's a secret, better one here you can try:


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