Victor Ark

Victor Ark

Victor Barranqueras alias Victor Ark was born the 15 of October from 1985 in Campdevanol (Spain)
influenced by their parents since small always attracted by melodic music coverall in italo Disco and the Rock (between years 1975 and 1985).

1999 - 2002:
Began to touch to the electrical guitar thanks to the guitarrist of the Aspid of Campdevànol (Spain) and making study of musical composition and production arriving make some single one in spectacles in direct in different zones from his city...

2003 - 2005:
It is not until principles of the 2003 that its initiation as DJ occurs to see in the city of Olot (Spain), in Disco Pub called (Ara Pla) and performances of up to 10 hours non stop of the discoteque Kratter's in where it gave its greater recognition arriving to have up to 650 people in the track with the best songs of the Italo Dance.

After making lives and performances the walking begins to create its own musical subjects, first single was TOGETHER next to the singer Randee from Barcelona (Spain) and DJ Sanny J of Sicily (Italy) getting to inside cause to a fort impact in the European territory and the International leaving published the album Dance Connection vol.2 in April 2006 and arriving at the Top20 of lists of sales in Holland and Italy.
Also made the Live next to the singer Randee in the discoteque Zenon of Olot (Spain) of subject TOGETHER and PIENSA MAS EN MI. In summer it is contracted like resident of the Disco-Pub The City Arms of Olot (Spain) in where continuous his walking like student and DJ aside from the musical productions that it has in mind, this time in solitaire.

Starts the year with the austrian remix EL-Tone - With Or Without You (TSS Proyect & Victor Ark RMX) Making with the TSS Proyect the new musician group called STARKNIGHTS.
The first official single called COMING BACK is a summer song released in all the world by labels from EUROPE with his new style dance/house club music with a sound melody from 1980's years, around the world the people will dance this song for the summer of 2007.

2006 - DJ Sanny J & Victor Ark feat. Randee - TOGETHER [ITALY]
2007 - EL-TONE - With Or Without You (TSS Proyect & Victor Ark RMX) [AUSTRIA]
2007 - Victor Ark - Coming Back [SPAIN - NETHERLANDS - GERMANY]

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