The Soundlovers

The Soundlovers

Nathalie Aarts was born, and lived for 21 years in Holland in the city of Breda. During this period her interest for music developed and she studied piano, guitar and partly, singing.

In 1984 she was the protagonist of the film “Picking Up The Pieces” which toured all major european film festivals, and won several awards.

In 1989 she got a jazz dance teacher diploma, and in 1991 she decided to leave both Holland and her group, The Fuse, of which she had been the singer for 6 years.

Having arrived in Italy she started working with the La Bionda brothers and as vocalist for a few advertising jingles.

In December 1991 her work with the brothers resulted in her first record as solo artist, a cover of a song by Lisa Stansfield titled "Change".

In the following years Nathalie studied at the Civic Jazz School of Franco Cerri and Enrico Intra, working as backing vocalist for Gianna Nannini on the album “Per Forza e Per Amore” at Festival Bar in 1993, Adriano Celentano and the english group Right Said Fred (Roxy Bar) but also with various musicians and producers as author and as vocalist in various musical projects.

A meeting with the well-known producers Molella, Phil Jay, Roby Santini, Gianni Fontana and German Leguizamon, an argentinian singer, led to the creation of The Soundlovers, a dance music project.

Since 1996 Nathalie has been the vocalist and in 9 years, under the italian Do It Yourself label they released many successful singles.

In December 2007 comes the 'second release' in Italy and Europe of the first single by The Soundlovers “Run-Away 2008”, with new versions coming from Germany, and one of The Soundlovers' own producers, Roby "RSDJSantini.