The Paps'N'Skar project started after a reunion between the long time school friends Emanuele "Paps" Cozzi and Davide "Skar" ​Scarpulla, when they meet in 1994 at Radio Monte Carlo, where they both worked as sound engineers.

Emanuele "Paps" Cozzi was born on the 17th of August 1970 in Milan, Italy

He was already a familiar face on the italian and international music scene, with past experience as a member of CO.RO. which got known in 1996 for their big hit “Because The Night”.

DavideSkarScarpulla was born on the 2nd of December 1971 in Domodossola, Italy. He was relatively new to the music industry but equally talented.

Working together, they came up with the strong and catchy melody of "Because I'm Free", and with the help and cooperation from the italian musician Davide Di Lernia, they were able to create the sound that they were looking for. 
Linda Peverini, another old friend of the duo, sang the vocals in an Angelic way and the finishing touch came with the use of the 'Hook'-sample taken from “One Step” by Kissing The Pink. It became their debut single as Paps'N'Skar in 1998, and was played often on networks throughout italy, all of the summer.

In June 1999, the second single was ready. This time Paps'N'Skar decided to work with two other producers called Alessandro Viale and Roberto Gallo Salsotto (a member of the DJ Dado production team). 
They also changed the singer, since the new song needed a warmer voice. They found one, and her name was Paola Cannone. The track was called "You Want My Love (Din Don Da Da)". Like with "Because I'm Free", it was played on all the big and regional italian radio networks. 
It became one of the hottest tracks in the summer of 1999, and got licensed in Spain to Tempo Music, in Benelux to I.D.T. and for the rest of the world to BMG.

From the 8th to 10th of october, the Paps'N'Skar team promoted the track at the World Dance Music Festival on the island of Tenerife, with an audience of 150.000 people live!

The Paps'N'Skar team had done promotional shows for "You Want My Love (Din Don Da Da)" around Europe, until the middle of december in Spain, Germany, Swizterland and Benelux.

In January 2000, Paps'N'Skar was in Holland, to do a live performance at the most important tv-show on a saturday night. It had more than 4 million viewers per show!

In April 2000, the radio promotion for the follow-up called "Turn Around" began, and was released at the end of the same month. The track was again produced and arranged by Paps'N'Skar in cooperation with Viale and Salotto in their studio in Milan, and with the same singer as "You Want My Love (Din Don Da Da)", Paola Cannone.

It reached the Top 3 on the italian radios, and had many weeks on the sales chart. It was also a big success in Spain, where the team went several times for promotional shows and gigs too.

One year later in March 2001, Paps'N'Skar was back with their 4th single called "Get It On". It was immediately loved by all the radio managing directors. "Get It On" reached also Top 3 in all the radio charts, and appeared on different tv-shows. Later in the year, in May, the song was licensed to Spain and France. After an incredible summer "Get It On" reached the Top 40 sales in France, Top 10 in Denmark and Top 10 in Spain aswell. 

In February 2002, they release "Loving You". With this single Paps'N'Skar enters a new world of melodies, and rare atmospheres. It's a phlegmathic ambient track, which thanks to the voice of Emanuele Cozzi, the musicality of Davide Scarpulla and the now usual cooperation with Alessandro Viale and Roberto Gallo Salsotto, aims to reach unusual goals.