Magik Brothers

Magik Brothers

Magik Brothers are a unique combination of Euro, Trance, and House music. Together since 1998, Magik brother’s two long- awaited hit singles “Sun” and “Zodiac” were released under BMG Poland, of which the latter of the two was thereafter released across Canada by Universal Music Canada. Incidentally, these two singles had been on the Polish charts for 8 weeks in the top 20, with the former reaching number 11 position and the latter peaking at number 4. In Canada “Zodiac” had been on the charts for 9weeks, reaching number two. Magik brothers released their first single “Zodiac” in 2000,which sold worldwide copies and featured on a few compilations. In Canada, thesetracks precipitated a tremendous response from the radio stations, Disc Jockeys, andfans around the world

The act itself consists of Maciej Kaniewski (producer, songwriter), and Eilona Skvirsky(singer, songwriter)Eilona Skvirsky was born in Israel and came to Canada at the ageof seven. Her passion for singing and entertainment has always played a strong rolein her life. Eilona started her career as a professional salsa, ballet and Jazz dancerand then chose to pursue her passion for music at the age of 15. Eilona joined the MagikBrothers in 1998, and together they created a master piece for fans worldwide. She hasperformed in many clubs across the country entertaining fans. Eilona has also workedwith Joe Romano, former producer of “Glide”. She was featured on several compilations,and released an album and a single with the Magik brothers. Now living in New York,Eilona and Maciek are creating new music as the Magik Brothers.

Maciek Kaniewski was born in Poland. Growing up he quickly became interested in musicand began dedicating his time to learning and perfecting its production. He has plentyof accomplishments and masterpieces for which he is recognized. Not only is he aproducer/song writer for Magik Brothers, but Maciek has collaborated music for otherartists such as Shawn Desman, DMX, and Gloria Gaynor to create amazing remixes oftop-chart songs. Maciek has completed numerous projects in Canada and around the world,working with artists such as Unique, Freda, V.I.P, Jaade, Captain GQ, Paul London, and Lana.

Now back together after eight years, the Magik Brothers are making a strong comebackwith new, astonishing tracks. With a new sound and style,  Magik Brothers are readyto present mind-blowing music.

Maciej Kaniewski and Eilona Skvirsky alias Magik Brothers
Discography: Discogs