Hotel Saint George

Hotel Saint George

The italo-dance project Hotel Saint George was created in 2001 by Roberto Santini (RSDJ), Giovanbattista Giorgilli (Vanni G) which also named the project by using parts from their own last names. Hotel was coincidence, Saint was a twist of SANTINI and George was made out from Giorgilli. Later David Pignataro (David Bacon) joined the project, and then it was the perfect trio as we know them. They onced said that if the project would succeed, they would built a Hotel in Fuggi called "l'Hotel Saint George".

Their debut single "WELCOME TO MY LIFE" was released in April 2002. It had huge success in italy during the Summer, and was on the tracklist of every dance compilation. The second single "NEVER SAY NEVER" was released during October same year. It reached the top of the dance charts, and sold even more than the first.

In 2003 the third single "LOST IN YOU" was ready. On that time the member David Bacon went to the millitary, and while he was there the two other members Vanni G and Roby Santini, worked on their next hit-single "LOOKING 4 A GOOD TIME".

David Bacon returned, and they begun working on their Album. In the meantime they recieved alot of requests from fans in italy, to make a single in the italian language. That request became forfilled with the single "FIGLI DELLE TENEBRE". Because of this, the album was posponed but in return it contained more tracks than first promised. Just before the release of the album, they sent out the single "YOU CAN TRUST IN ME" that included the voice of ex-leadsinger Tiffany, from the italian group "Lollipop".

Finally the album was released. It got the title "THIS IS MY LIFE" and contained 7 new songs and the 5 known singles. Sadly it only sold less than 250 copies, and the project was abandonned... Untill 2007 where they found together and released "Feel The Sun". This single was not their normal HSG-style, it was more in the house-genre. The song was released only on the internet in mp3download shops, and on the m2o Compilation vol. 14.

Giovanbattista "Vanni G" Giorgilli
Roby "RSDJ" Santini